Date: 25. 5. 2021, three years ago

Dear student,

I am forwarding you information about the possibility to participate in the national student survey Quarter to Quality Education delivered by the Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (SAAHE). These days you should have received a unique link in your email. If you did not receive a link, please:

  • check your spam/junk email,
  • if you cannot find the email, access the survey through this link, opened in a new window
(usually regards external link)
  • in case you have a problem accessing the survey, please contact SAAHE at e-mail.

The survey aims to map the views of students on the I. (Bc) and II. level (MA/Ing.)/in joint studies (e.g., medicine) about their studies and the study conditions. Thanks to you, we will get feedback about how to improve teaching and conditions at our school. The survey can also point to systemic problems. Together with SAAHE, we can demand their solving from the state institutions.

Why should you fill in the survey?

  • Real impact. Students’ feedback will be considered during the accreditation process while assessing the quality of education and study conditions at the higher education institution. The accreditation agency will consider how the school deals with the feedback from students.
  • You will learn the results. The Accreditation agency will publicly communicate the survey results in June. You will learn how our school and others fared.
  • The survey is anonymous. All the responses will be anonymous. You don’t have to worry about any negative consequences due to a critical opinion.
  • A reward awaits you. Your effort will be rewarded. All those who fill in the survey will receive a reward, and those lucky to be drawn will receive other great prizes.
  • It only takes 15 minutes. Filling the survey only takes a quarter of an hour. That is why we call it Quarter to Quality Education.

The more filled­‑in surveys, the more robust and powerful the data will be. Hence, do not hesitate to encourage your fellow students to fill in the survey. Each of them should find a unique link in his/her school email. It is not possible to use the link repeatedly. If you did not receive the unique link in your email, please follow this link opened in a new window
(usually regards external link) to participate in the survey.

You can fill the survey by May 30th.

More info about the survey is available at: opened in a new window
(usually regards external link).

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Have a nice day!