Dátum: 16. 9. 2022, predminulý rok

Dear students,


let me invite you to the introductory meeting of all 3rd­‑year students (full­‑time study of AJK, AJJ & AJAK) who are planning to finish their bachelor studies in the academic year 2022/23. The meeting will be held on Monday 19 September at 6 pm in Aula (the PdF building in Priemyselná St., during your English Lexicology lecture).


Those who cannot attend the meeting in person may join us via MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting. otvárané v novom okne
(obvykle ide o externý odkaz) (meeting ID: 373 794 009 234, access code: be3VHn).



  1. Introductory information regarding the winter semester, schedules, announcements.
  2. New accreditation – harmonization of your study plans (OŠP).
  3. Finishing the Bc study – information regarding your state exams and final theses defences.
  4. Miscellaneous.


We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.