Anton Pokrivčák

Silvia Pokrivčáková

Louise Kocianová



prof. PhDr. Anton Pokrivčák, PhD.

prof. PaedDr. Silvia Pokrivčáková, PhD.

M.A. Louise Kocianová, PhD.


doc. PhDr. Mária Hricková, PhD.

prof. PhDr. Jaroslav Kušnír, PhD.


The publication introduces partial results of the project KEGA 019TTU‑4/2021 Introducing new digital tools into teaching and research within transdisciplinary philology study programmes funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

University of Trnava, 2023

List of Recordings

  1. Literature and its study
  1. ikonaLiterary history 18,07 MB (17,23 MiB), 21. 12. 2023
  1. ikonaLiterary criticism 100,27 MB (95,62 MiB), 21. 12. 2023
  1. Metaphor in literature
  2. Language of literature
  • ikonapart 1 77,97 MB (74,36 MiB), 21. 12. 2023
  • ikonapart 2 62,77 MB (59,86 MiB), 21. 12. 2023
  1. Literary kinds and genres
  • ikonapart 1 62,01 MB (59,14 MiB), 21. 12. 2023
  • ikonapart 2 84,98 MB (81,04 MiB), 21. 12. 2023
  1. Poetry
  2. Prose
  3. Drama
  4. Digital literature
  5. ikonaLiterary education 84,91 MB (80,97 MiB), 21. 12. 2023



Literature, as verbal art, forms an inseparable part of human lives. To read it and to be acquainted with its national or world history belongs to the education not only of literary critics and scholars, but of common people as well. Therefore, the intention of this textbook is to look at literature from a double perspective: not only to provide basic terminology and knowledge for the students of English in their introductory courses, i.e. the future language teachers, critics, or translators, but to try to explain the nature of literature in general, which might be found useful also for those who read it for pleasure – for we strongly feel that to know more about something enhances its deeper appreciation.

The book is an edited and extended version of the previous textbooks Focus on literature (2003) and Understanding literature (2006) by the same authors. Compared to the previous editions, sections for independent study (lists of recommended sources and lists of literary terms) and self­‑regulated study (questions and check­‑yourself sections) were added. It is hoped that these will provoke students to discover and explore various ways of “understanding literature,” through their independent work in the libraries, on the internet, or by consulting other resources, all of which can significantly improve their appreciation and grasp of literature and its context.

Nové časti – najmä prieniku digitálnych technológii do literárnej tvorby, krtiky aj vzdelávania.

Updating the form – updated sources, novšie vydania, online links, DOIs, references written in APA style.

Literárne diela – dostupné z projektu Gutenberg

Rozdiel medzi uvádzaním primárnej a sekundárnej literatúry. Autorov literárnych diel – spisovateľov uvádzame plným menom a autorov sekundárnej literatúry – expretov, literárnych vedcov a kritikov – podľa štýlu APA len priezviskom.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those students and colleagues who inspired us to write and continually update the book. We also thank to … for their help and useful notes in their reviews.



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Basics of literary studies : Audiobook

Anton Pokrivčák, Silvia Pokrivčáková, Louise Kocianová

1st edition

Published in: Trnava

Published by: University of Trnava